Our Mission

"To ensure the provision of the highest possible standards of adoption related services, throughout the lifelong adoption process, with the best interest of children as the first and paramount objective"


The Adoption Authority of Ireland was established as an independent regulatory body on 1st November, 2010 following the enactment of the Adoption Act 2010 


Our Goals

To achieve the highest standard in the regulation and operation of adoption services in Ireland.

To apply informed and balanced decision-making in adoption services, in accordance with national and international law and evidence-based practice.

To inform and influence adoption policy and service delivery by reason of a practical understanding of the operations of the legislation through the provision of a comprehensive information, research and communications framework.

To plan and implement the changes required in organisation policies and operational procedures in line with emerging legislative changes.

To maintain an efficient, competent, accountable and learning organisation.

Published: Thursday, 16 June 2016 09:22
Last Updated: Wednesday, 19 June 2019 15:59