The Intercountry Adoption Unit processes applications for Declarations of Eligibility and Suitability, a requirement for all applicants for adoption. The unit is also responsible for maintaining the Register of Intercountry Adoptions (RICA) and the Gender Recognition Register .

Intercountry adoption refers to the situation where persons resident in Ireland decide to adopt a child who is resident in a country other than Ireland. The nature and effect of such an adoption is that the child becomes the child of the adopter as if born to her or him or to them, in the case of a married couple, with all the rights and duties of parents and children in relation to each other.

Intercountry adoption was given a statutory basis in 1991 with the passing of the Adoption Act in that year. The most recent legislation in this area is the Adoption Act 2010.

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Intercountry Adoption Unit
Adoption Authority of Ireland
3rd Floor, Shelbourne House
Shelbourne Road
Dublin 4

Telephone +353 1 2309 303 or +353 1 2309 304


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